With at-bags you come with ease, well equipped & organized to your destination - and back again, because, with us you have order in your luggage!


  • You are on adventure travel to luxurious destinations, enjoying life to the fullest and appreciating the beauty of our planet?
  • You like to travel as much - preferably with small luggage (hand luggage only) - and want to have the ultimate order for your clothes?
  • You value high-quality workmanship and the fact that you have chosen the best in the market with the utmost durability - in everything you indulge in? Appreciation and a fair and sustainable production of the products you buy are a way of life of you?

We have the matching bags & accessories for all your travel & experiences. With us you come with ease, well equipped to the destination - and back again, because, after the trip is before the trip!


We love traveling as much as you do, exploring our beautiful planet in the form of adventure, short and luxury travel. We are at home all over the world.

That's at-bags: High-end travel bags & travel items "Made in EUROPE"

We stand for tolerance, openness, fairness, respect, adventurousness, the claim to a fulfilling life and enjoyment.

Our bags are made in Europe under fair conditions high-end products that will accompany you to the claim of a fulfilling life, with careful treatment, even a lifetime. All our bags are designed to give you the most value for all your travel experiences.

Our goals are:

• Maintaining the order in your luggage to give you time for beautiful and wonderful experiences.

• Create unique, innovative and high-quality bags and accessories from fair and sustainable production for the most unique and best journeys!


The new bags from at-bags provide additional robustness thanks to the use of an externally stitched frame – something not offered by other bags on the market. During and after travel, the tops do not need to be individually unpacked and hung up – simply unfold the bag and place in the wardrobe! And you’re ready to go! The supplied folding aid will help you correctly fold your shirts – whatever the size of the clothing. Any ties and other accessories you may need on your travels can also be stored in an extra pocket with a zip fastener at the back of the bag.


How does it work? Very simple - you fold your shirts with the folding aid on tray size. A detailed image instruction is printed on the folding aid. Priority has been given in designing the bag to creating a very low-weight product! This means that the bags do not contain any stiffening support because the outer stitched frame and folding aid guarantee transverse rigidity. The cover surfaces provide the necessary degree of pressure without creating creases and only YKK zips are used.

With the shirt bag you can now ensure you always have up to 6 crease-free shirts to hand whenever you are away on a long trip. These new shirt bags from ‘at-bags’ are fantastic for anyone who needs to wear a shirt while away from home. The bag is ideal for transporting up to 6 shirts which are secured in place within individual compartments. Polo-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and pullovers can also be transported in this way – free from creases.
The new overnightboardingbag is ideal for transporting up to 3 shirts which are secured in place within individual compartments. Everything you need for a short trip can be organised and packed into this bag. Cosmetics can also be stored tidily in the toiletries bag provided. To support your tops, please transport the overnightboardingbag with the logo at the top and the toiletries bag at the bottom in your case.

Enjoy a stress-free trip and crease-free protection for your shirts with the new shirt bags from at-bags, designed especially for this purpose!

External dimensions: approx. 44 x 32 x 8 - 10 cm
Since the BREXIT negotiations the regular sale on Amazon.uk is no longer possible for us. If you want to buy one of our bags, please write us an e-mail to office@at-bags.at - then we contacted you to send you your dream bag.